In the area of ​​Kartarena Cheb there is a motorcycle rental for the public operated by MALCOR MOTO s.r.o.

Do not hesitate to come and experience a unique adrenaline experience in the Malcor Super Racer 160 model 2019 racing saddle for CZK 3,190 with VAT.

For those interested in renting a motorcycle, we offer a half-day rental of the Malcor Super Racer 160 model 2019 motorcycles.

Please note: Advance reservation required!

The condition for renting a motorcycle is a minimum age of 18 years and having a motorcycle license at least A1.

It is a racing pit motard with speed easily exceeding 100km / h and the best slick racing tires that will keep you on track! Currently, Malcor motorcycles are among the top in the national pit motard championship in Spain.

How does it all work? You don't care about anything, just drive and enjoy safe driving on the asphalt circuit. The professional staff will introduce you to the motorcycle and its operation at a predetermined location in the Kartarena Cheb area. You get instructions on how to behave safely while driving on the track. Subsequently, you will be excited by the exciting 4x15 minutes of pure adrenaline-filled circuit time. 60 minutes at the speed on the track is a very decent portion for the experienced racer! After each ride you return to the place where you took the motorcycle and our mechanic will make the necessary maintenance of the motorcycle so that it is ready for you for the next ride.

We always start at the reception of Kartarena Cheb at 12.15. After completing all the necessary formalities, there are 4 rides in 15 minutes. The first ride at 13:15, the second at 14:15, the third at 15:15 and the fourth at 16:15. The times shown are only reserved for motorcycles according to the starting order of the circuit, so do not worry that you will meet a go-kart or some other vehicle on the track during your ride.

For rainy weather and wet surfaces of the circuit, the rental company does not drive!

During the stay in Kartarena Cheb, visitors are obliged to observe the instructions of the service personnel, in addition to complying with the general legal regulations and the operating rules of the premises.

Visitors entering the rental area do so at will and at their own risk. Claims for any compensation by the site operator and rental operator are excluded.

More information and the current booking calendar can be found at